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We started our farm in 1995 and chose organic farming. We use only natural techniques and products, in order to respect our environment, and we are certified by C.c.p.b. (Inspection and certification body for products obtained in organic and eco friendly production).

Produciamo ortaggi (in prevalenza patate, fagioli, cavoli), mele, frutta da guscio, piccoli frutti e piante officinali; per quanto concerne la coltivazione dei fagioli abbiamo partecipato a un progetto di recupero della biodiversità regionale e conduciamo un campo-catalogo di varietà autoctone di fagioli.

We started our farm in 1995 and chose organic farming
Eliana and family


We cultivate small fields distributed around the village, as is common in mountain agriculture. We raise pigs, rabbits and chickens for our restaurant.

We own a small laboratory to process our vegetables and wild herbs and berries.

When we process our food we prefer to use traditional techniques and old recipes belonging to our mountains’ heritage.

In 2004 our farm received the Green Flag from Legambiente, a reward for our commitment in the preservation and promotion of mountain culture.

Our shop is open

Every day from mid-July to late August and during the Christmas period
In the weekend for the rest of the year

The shop is closed from November 2nd to mid-December and from January 7th to the end of February

Opening time

From 9:00 to 23:00

For further information write to